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Who owns a black car in Las Vegas?


It's time to trade my car in and I've only had white cars while living in Las Vegas. I'm thinking black...crazy choice?


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Crazy choice unless ya dont mind washing it every day. Itll show EVERYTHING! I think silvers are the best for looking clean the longest and hiding nicks and dings. Black looks great when all cleaned up but I’d never have it as a daily driver.


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It will get a bit hotter than white. Mid summer outside all day interior I would expect around 200 degrees. Anything leather or plastic will require gloves or other protection.
My car is white with black leather. Seen 180 degrees inside many times.


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In addition to being hotter and harder to keep clean, black shows every flaw in the paint; including all the scratches and swirls left behind from car washers drying it or wiping off the constantly present dust storm dirt from the paint.

Black cars are some of the nicest looking but I will never own one in LV for the aforementioned reasons.
I have always tried to buy white cars (all used except for my first new one), however necessity made it imperative that I buy a few in a color (brown, blue, tan and my current truck in pewter). White colors are cooler and show dust on them less then black cars.


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I've owned one black car. Hated it for the reasons mentioned above. Metallic silver is my preference with the exception of a Porsche; too many other fine/uncommon colors available with those that make them dead sexy.


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I've had several black vehicles over the years. They look spectacular when you wash and wax them.

For about two hours. :D

Seriously I think it's more important to have a really good A/C system in whatever you end up getting than the color. Not all A/C systems are created equal.


Yeah I think the allure is they look so damned good when detailed. Probably a dumb idea idea overall though if it only looks like that for a day.


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Had a black car, went white, then went back to black. Solid black, easy to have touched up if necessary, any other color is problematic. As far as the heat it doesn't matter when it is 110 they are all dependent on the AC system, I can't tell any difference. Wash, wax, detail it and black is awesome.


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Yeah I think the allure is they look so damned good when detailed. Probably a dumb idea idea overall though if it only looks like that for a few hours
Fixed it for ya!

I’ve had a few black vehicles in the past and it seems ya spend more time keeping them clean than driving and enjoying them. It gets to the point where once ya get it all cleaned up and looking good ya dont want to drive it and just want to hide it away in the garage under a cover.
Had a Black Nissan Armada Platinum bought new for the wife about a decade ago.


Was always dirty. The desert dust stuck to it like it was spray painted on.

And if you have kids?


Always kids fingerprints all over the car. And usually fingerprints in suntan lotion, which REALLY stick to the paint/trim.

Having had the same model of car (two earlier generation QX56's) in white, and silver, I can say that the black car does get hotter quicker, and takes longer to cool down on a hot day. White and Silver are the most low maintenance colors to have here in the desert. They don't show dust either.

If you aren't a family man, and don't mind the extra work, though, NOTHING looks nicer than a freshly washed and waxed black car.

As far as the heat and A/C issues, I've found that a quality CERAMIC tint (the expensive tint really does reject a lot of the heat) makes a huge difference.

Even on the hottest days I can turn my A/C down to below half speed once the car cools down, and it doesn't heat up as badly, or as quickly, when parked in the sun.

Anybody looking to tint their cars PM me and I'll give you the contact info for my tint guy. Cheapest guy in town as far as pricing for CERAMIC tint.

and you gotta tint the windshield also, with the same high quality tint but in an almost clear shade (not looking for a legality lecture here, I'm aware of the laws on the books).
Maybe Singapore grey. It's dark but not black.

I forget the name of the tint guys right next to me but they do A LOT of high end cars straight from the dealer. All the Italian and German makes. It's been a couple years but I think they were around $350 on a sedan and that was the neighbor pricing. I think they guy that did my truck for $100 did better. Obviously I got better stuff on the DD not sure if it was ceramic or not.
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Thats still pretty dark. I personally wouldnt go much darker than this. Dark pewter metallic. Its pretty close to what my truck is. EF540B29-0505-4AB2-AFFF-38F2068F42E9.jpeg


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Yes, a black car is harder to maintain because it will always look dirty. I prefer white or silver-gray. As for the heat, that one is up to you. But you will notice it to be hotter inside.


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Had a black tundra. Never again.. The color not the make.

White now. Could never get the tundra ac to cool it off enough.. Was a 2014 but my old 2005 tundra had way better AC so maybe just under engineered ac system


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Vegas is just really dusty. If you dont mind washing once a week it's hard to beat the looks of black. Dark tint and ac seats make it all good.
I had a white and a black limo,
let the wife have the black.
5x the cost of keeping the black clean $$$$$
but she sure was nice,
especially at night...
I vote for white....


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I had a black car with black wheels, I had to wipe the body down, and clean the brake dust of the wheel after every drive o_O It looked stunning though every time I walked away from it :love: