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Where to Find Gun Parts Locally and Nationally


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I'm going to try to make a sticky of this thread, and will fill it with what I have in the way of gun parts suppliers, both local and national, so folks can locate things like that left handed 3-17&1/3 pitch odd ball trigger screw for their great grand pappy's 1836 Shootzegruber Blammy Launcher as well as modern firearms. Some of the sources for parts I haven't used in years, so I can't guarantee they are still in business but it's always worth a try!


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Well Steve, I can tell you right now the "Gun Smoke Shop" and The Old Spanish Trails antiques shop [Black powder stuff, was kinda on the Showboat parking lot ] are gone. :)
Havent had much luck locally on parts unless private old stockers. But havent been able to get out in the valley much ... Apex guns on stone st in
C Springs always hook me up . feel like i get some of the last things in America on that site.
Bless Fellow Humans.