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Universal Bakcground Checks and C&R's

Dr. Marneaus

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So, I was reading in the other UBC thread, and some folks were saying C&R holers are NOT exempt. Is this true? How does this work?

As a C&R holder I was (am?) able to accept FFL and private party transfers from out of state.

If somebody is selling me a C&R eligible firearm from outside of NV, is it still subject to a background check once it’s in NV? How the hell would that work? Does this make it illegal for me to accept a C&R firearm from out of state with no background check, or just illegal to accept a C&R gun from inside Nevada? This whole thing is so ass backwards.

What about me selling a C&R gun to another C&R holder who lives in another state? I could previously sell and ship a C&R gun across state lines, but now I’m breaking the law as a seller by not conducting a background check?


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The new law affects NOTHING that is interstate. Your 03 FFL C&R works as it always did for that.


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However, if I were to purchase a C&R IN STATE, it would require a background check/transfer, no?
My gut says yes, irregardless even if it comes from another C&R holder or private citizen. The state background check law only recognizes 923(a) FFL’s, and a C&R is a 923(b).