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Sept 8-9 2018 Water St. Car Show


living in Henderson NV
Anyone going to the show. Not sure if it's worth going to.
I work Sat till 5pm so that day is a no-go. Not sure if I want to get up and go Sun. morning.
My car, 70 Camaro, isn't show material. More a rough street brawler ......Loud, smelly and rough.



uber Member
Forum Supporter
^^Looks like a fun car^^
Going to one myself tomorrow in Orinda (CA) just a few clicks from my home. I go every year and it has the most classic Shelby Mustangs I've ever seen in one place. Lot's of Chevy and Mopar too. Sadly, rarely any Pontiacs with the exception of a Macho T/A I saw parked on the street not a show entry.
If you do decide to go to your local show please post some pic's-I'll do the same...