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Just moved to Las Vega and don't know anything about the gun culture here.
My movers got my pristine grandfathers Model 94 wet. The stock is still saturated and the butt plate and stock screws have rusted. Is there anyone in Las Vegas competent in this kind of repair? I'd appreciate your recommendations, thanks.


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Doug Turnbull is as good as it gets for restorations or build outs for that matter.
IF it is extremely damaged, , then any competent gunsmith can dry the stock, polish and reblue the screws.
Any of the forum sponsors (the Gunshop ones) who have a gunsmith should be able to do it for you.

It needs to be COMPLETELY disassembled, and EVERY SINGLE metal piece inspected for rust, corrosion, and pitting, repaired, blued, and of course the soaked wood dealt with.

No matter who does it, FILE the insurance claim, the movers need to pay every last dime of the repairs, there is no excuse for letting anything they are moving getting soaking wet.