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Post your offroad vehicle


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All you guys with your cool radios are makin me jealous. Thinking back to the other day i kind of wish i had a radio just on the off chance the guys next ridge over do too. Never know might save a life.

Dr. Marneaus

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Trip report? Where did you go? I’m thinking about hitting the Success Loop Backcountry Byway in the coming weeks. I want to see some changing leaves.
Success is always a nice drive. This pic was up top of Success about a year and a half ago. B3DA1B7B-B732-4426-AA95-400583F09B5B.jpeg

The pics from my last post were from my hunting trip last weekend. Soldier meadows road all the way up to summit lake then off through the Lahontan Trout Study Area looking for a buck. About 70 miles of dirt in and then back out again. Pretty tame, mostly dirt roads until the last several miles where it gets a bit more rocky, the. Beyond there it gets pretty damn tight in the aspens. Winds were so bad aspens were falling all over, big old one fell across the trail while we were out looking for deer. Had to winch it out of the way to get back to camp.

some decent little climbs out there but nothing a standard 4x4 couldn’t handle. Only used low on descents.
30525FE9-B480-42CA-B12B-512D1D248737.jpeg 38596FD6-B98F-4133-91E1-CCC120304BD4.jpeg 6E009E33-9DB9-47FC-93D0-3698CDA23D6D.jpeg C5298D4B-D84A-407B-B549-391D85EFCF6B.jpeg 6DC43768-76CE-491D-98DA-3ADE9C3E66EF.jpeg