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peace of mind

years ago when blue cards were required to register hand guns, you knew they were stolen or legit as soon as you try to register them at the police station. now that they aren't required anymore, is there a way to check and see if a hand gun or rifle comes up as stolen before someone purchases them from another individual? I don't wanna spend the $ and then have the gun taken away and all kinds of other legal issues rise from possessing a stolen gun. tia


Pro Constitution
didn't metro have a number to call to run serial numbers like car/motorcycle/boat vin and firearm #'s and such to be sure property isn't stolen. or did metro do away with that I know they used to have such number to call just for said purpose


Harley Builder
I had one checked out at the Police Station here in Sparks. I made sure to walk in first without the weapon and told them what I wanted to do, and after they said they would check it out, I went out to my car and brought it in. I made sure to have it in a container so as to not walk in with a weapon and have an officer who may not have known what was going on see me with it and freak out. Some of them are a little trigger happy, ya know. Naturally, if its is on the hot sheet you don't get it back...