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Pahrump Dodge Diesel help

My 2000 Dodge Diesel needs a new throttle sensor. I know it is a very easy replacment, just do not want to do it my self. Any one know a fair machenic in Pahrump that can do this
I use Ron at Ron's Truck and Auto for my F350. A CA refugee who couldn't take the CA regulations and EPA (?) so he came here. Works out of his home. North end (ish) part of town. He can probably do it for you.


His website is still from his San Diego business.




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I did the APPS (accelerator pedal position switch) on my 2001 many years ago. It's just a potentiometer basically, and right where you drive it wears out, so my truck would go from 0% throttle to about 8% (where I drove, then it would stay showing 8% as you increased throttle, then jump to about 18% and go up from there, so it generated a big surge as you accelerated.

I bought a replacement POT kit on Ebay for around $50, since the APPS is over $200 (was anyway). It's 3 bolts, a few screws, the throttle cable and one electrical connector and easy to do.


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Pete's Auto Clinic, located at
  • 190 S Humahuaca St, Pahrump, NV, 89048, Nevada
  • Phone: (775) 727-5362

Enjoy's a good reputation with several of my Dodge Diesel Truck owning buddies who don't work on their own vehicles.

On my H1 HUMMER, the Throttle Position Sensor has gone bad a couple of times in the last 26 years, a breeze to replace, and I was cheap and machined the little gauge block tool for setting it correctly, took maybe 5 minutes on the mill to make, instead of spending the $125 for a real one. Two screws, the quick disconnect and it's out and back in, drop the gauge block in place, push the TPS up against it, tighten the screws and I am done.

Looks like yours costs about what mine does, under $50, and here's a video of how to replace it, looks pretty easy to me.

(1) Dodge Cummins apps sensor (throttle position) repair 2001 2500 turbo diesel - Bing video