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Old School wrench needed


Obsessed Member
What motor does it have?
I have a 79 Scout II I am trying to get back on the road, I hate to admit it but I am doing a 383 SBC swap to it but I wont be altering the frame to do it it is going to be bolt in with a Advanced Adapter bell housing adapter that bolts the SBC to the Auto transmission.
I am tired of the 345 IHC V8 that only get 10 MPG. I am building a nice 350 or so HP 383 and be done with it. If I could have found a Cummins BT4 I could have afforded I would gone that route. It needs a new "rattle can camo" job but its rust free.


It has an IH 392 that came out of a 1 ton truck. This was my Dad's and he was all about keeping it all IH so that's what my son and I are doing. There is still lots more to do on it but I am able to drive it almost every day which is pretty cool for an old truck like this.