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How many stick shift drivers do we have?


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I drove a 2000 Dakota 4WD with the 4.7 and a 5-speed. Fun truck. Traded it in awhile ago on a Ram 1500. My second ride these days is a 62 Chevy longbed stepside. Straight 6 with 4 on the floor. It's what our daughter learned to drive on and drove through high school.


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First truck was a '72 Chevy C-10, 350 small block, with the awful Rochester 4bbl carb and a three-on-the-tree. Once the bushings finally went I had to jump out and jerk the linkage free by hand. I had the jump out, pop the hood, jerk free, slam the hood, and jump back in down to less than 30 seconds. It was a whole new truck after I got the automatic tranny put in.


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I try to always keep a stick vehicle in the garage, but have been w/o one for a few years. My 84 Cherokee off-road beater went to a family friend that was in serious need of a DD after some life problems. Been looking around for a small stick pickup, but good lord used small truck prices are....crazy.