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House broken in to 11/21 Losee/Lone Mountain

So keep an eye out for 3 LaRue Rifles. I bought the 6.5 Grendel and assembled the other 2.

FDE (tan) 6.5 Grendel 18" barrel with burris mtac in a color matched LT mount SN LTS9572

Rearden oxide (grey) .223 20" barrel leupold vx3i scope in a larue tactical mount. This was my BuildAR rifle that I assembled on rearden oxide colored larue lower SN LTS9880

Black 300 blackout 16" barrel this was an ultimate upper kit on a New Frontier Armory battle born lower model NV-4 SN NVBB-1022 with a primary arms micro red dot

Sig m400 ar15 SN 20J043322 with a Romeo 3 and magpul flip up sights

Cimmaron frontier 45 colt SN 9687

Colt Python 357 mag SN E55188

Sig P238 that is black SN 27A071370

Glock 22 gen 3 with sandpaper grip tape SN GZB963

A palmetto state armory PSA PA10 18" Midlength SS .308 WIN 1:10 w/ Midwest Industries SS15 Rail, BCG, & CH upper receiver

50 cal ammo can with 223 reloads on stripper clips brass was LC07 headstamped loaded with 55 grain hornady softpoints

Small duffle bag with 30 black pmags numbered 1 to 30 in silver sharpie, atleast 15 usgi mags, dozen 6.8 mags, and around 10 5.45x39 ar15 mags

20 to 25 glock magazines for 17 round 9mm, 10 round 9mm, 10mm and 40s&w



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Damn,that ****ing sucks. Hopefully the wealth redistributors are stupid enough to try the pawn shops. You probably already know this but try perusing Backpage.


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That seems like a lot for one person to walk off with!

I was reading in the other thread on ar15(dot)com that they were NOT in the safe, so I'm sure you know that if they saw a safe they might be back...

I'll keep an eye out for anything that might match your descriptions though