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Anyone have a go/no-go gauge for K98

I would like to check if I have any headspace issues in my VZ24. Will give a box of Yugo M75 ammo if you let me come over and use it real quick.


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I don't have any but if you have a micrometer and some packing tape you can make your own in a pinch. Might want to Google it for better instructions but basically you measure your ammo length add tape over the primer side to add the few 10ths of a mm needed to make a no go(or field) gauge and check the headspace normally. Probably not the best method but it's how I was taught to do it with aks and as long as you know the correct measurements the gauges are supposed to be it can be pretty damn close
thanks for the tip, but i don't have a micrometer either. i was hoping to not have to purchase any tools, but maybe i will just have to bite the bullet.

im having an issue with rounds not discharging so im thinking it's either a firing pin issue or FP spring issue, but would like to check the headspace as well

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I have go, no-go, and field 8mm headspace gauges (7.92mm). I'll look for them. I recently moved so it may take a while.



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I do, although it probably won't help, since I am in Sparks.

You really don't need a GO, if you have ever chambered a round it is above minimum. Even if it closes on a NOGO, doesn't mean it is bad, what you really need is a FIELD gauge. If it closes on a FIELD it is excessive.