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9 Guns Stolen on 12-24-2014

Guns were taken from my parents house on horizon and horizon ridge. Theves pushed the safe over and pried the door open.

Ithaca mag 10 roadblocker semi-auto 10 ga. Mag 20" barrel 100017704

Colt le6920 ar-15, m-4 carbine LE188532

Norinco Mak-90 ak-47 post ban with thumbhole stock

Marlin lever action 44 mag rifle

Remington 552 bdl deluxe semi auto 22lr speedmaster A1833631

Ruger single-six 22 lr/mag revolver 63-68458

Harrington & Richardson model 176 10 ga. Mag single shot 36" barrel AT250100

Mosin Nagant 7.62x54r marathon products inc 61133

Kahr cw9 9mm semi auto pistol EH6621

I will update this list when I find the rest of the serial numbers
thank you


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While a couple of those guns are not very common, can you post the last couple of serial numbers for each? Give us a better chance if we plan on purchasing a similar one from a website like Backpage and it will raise the red flag.


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Wow, sorry to hear that. What kind of safe was it? It would be good to know for food for though in if there was a way to avoid the same situation. I have my safe bolted to the floor and way to make it more difficult to be hauled off before the help arrived.