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2 guns stolen on 01/28/15 @2:00-3:00 am

Someone broke into my truck and took only the guns and magazines and left all kinds of other stuff not gun related over by flamingo and spencer on the 01/28/15 between the hours of 2:00 am-3:00am. I was in the truck at 2:00am then was back inside. Came back out at 3:00am and they were gone.

Guns are: kahr cw45 bi-tone serial number SF9040
Kel-tech sub 2000 .40 cal w/glock mags serial number EDD62
Also: 2 7 round mags and 1 6 round mag for kahr and 1 10 round 1 15 round and 1 30 round glock mags for kel-tech.

Please keep an eye out and contact me or the police if seen.