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1 handgun stolen from car on 7-3-15


It was stolen from my car parked in my driveway, in the Estancia neighborhood of Golden Valley in Reno.
The handgun is a Springfield Armory XDm compact 9 all black with one 13-round mag. Sn #MG833237. It was in a Safariland black kydex OWB holster. I am offering a $300 reward for information leading to its recovery.

Coincidentally, I have not logged in here since March, but someone was locked out from trying to log into my account 5x unsuccessfully on the 6th. I have that IP address and will be adding it to the police report.

Please contact Reno PD or myself with any info.
Reno dispatch: 7753342677 My cell: 7754207877

I wish you all safe and accurate adventures.
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Good luck finding it. I hope the thief gets hit by a car and struck by lightning....


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Just the center console. I don't typically leave it there. But I forgot it that time. That's my luck. :cursing:
It's scary how that 1 time you forget something, that's when thieves decide to strike. Hopefully it gets recovered and don't end up being used on someone.