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Yes or No about new transfer law?


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I've never had a FFL "keep" the firearm when doing a PPT. They told us the seller takes it home and brings it back when the transfer gets completed.
Been told if the FFL takes possession, and the buyer is denied the seller is required to have a "new" BGC before her gets the firearm back.


holy sheet does anybody read the thread he said in the 10 post
"It was Freedom at Warm Springs & Durango."
Where did he say that ? Holy crud, can’t you read ? That ain’t Henderson ....lol

T it’s an Effin joke I think every gun shop hve no idea what’s the new law within a month I bought 2 handguns from 2 different individuals one wanted to do his transfer at eastside of town, the gun shop charge me $19 transfer fee no background because I got a ccw out the door. The second handgun I purchase from another individual 3weeks ago wanted to do the transfer at a gun shop in Henderson the gun shop charge me transfer fee, background check fee even though I have a current ccw & tax out the door $65 & I couldn’t take the gun home the same day I had to wait 2 days to get the handgun. It’s all F up T it’s a lot easier buying new or what the gun shop has on consignment.


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Federal law requires that all dealers ensure that a lock is included with all handguns. Nevada law requires that the transaction is handled as if it was a gun from their own inventory. Technically, I would say the gun shop owner is right. The law forbids him from transferring the gun without including a lock.


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Not all stores want to do private transfers, and you can't blame them. But everyone has a "if you insist" price.


And that is fine MAC , but it is nice to know up front who does and what the cost is. As of now , Controlled Pair is off my list....lol
Years ago, that shop used to be very friendly and competitively priced not so much nowadays. I think they’ve become too big and busy for their own good.
At the fist shop you were treated fairly. $19.00 for transfer was a good deal, and NO fee for a background check on a private sale because that's the law. Your CCW had no bearing on not being charged for the background check.

At the second shop you were treated poorly indeed ! Background check, as noted above, is no charge per the new law on private sales.
You didn't state the amount you were told was the transfer fee, but in this particular instance, it turned out to be $65.00.

As far as waiting for two days, I can only surmise it took those days for the background check to come back, not unusual these days it seems.

Personally, I believe that when shops serve you well , or poorly, that the name of said shops should be shared as well as the story itself so that others can benefit from the good shops and even better avoid the bad ones.


They got me this week on a used gun purchased here on NS, i wont name the shop right now as im still waiting to pick up the gun and i dont want anymore issues but its my own fault for not doing my own due diligence. A quick search shows they have a decent rep here on the forum so i assumed they were ok. The guy working the counter specifically said the state takes the background check portion of the money when I asked him. Im not a big spender on fancy fast firearms stuff so this shop probably doesnt want my future business anyway.