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Vintage Military Rifle Silhouette Match SUNDAY September 15 2019

N.B. This month's match is on a SUNDAY

It's time to make ready your vintage military rifle (or rifles)!

The forecast is looking good; mostly cloudy throughout the day -- which means we'll clearly see those Turkeys for a change!

New shooters and junior shooters are welcome.

We always have a good group of shooters at this match, always friendly and helpful.

It's an ideal venue for practicing the fundamentals of rifle shooting.

There's a "no rush" atmosphere so you'll always have plenty of time for sighters, and for taking all your shots for score.

More info here.

See you SUNDAY, Sept. 15
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Perfect weather!

Dave R. has made Military Silhouette history by shooting four different vintage military rifles, one per stage!

Write up, photos, and a video are here.

Our next match is Saturday, October 19.