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Textron Wildcat XX Opinions?

... for those that don't know, this is formerly know as Arctic Cat.
True. However thou it still may be the wildcat there are many notable difference between the Artic Cat's of 2017 to the Textron's starting in 2018.
So I'm looking for any who've driven or owned a Textron


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No doubt.
A badge change and an updated model.

For the money I'd look at the Honda Pioneer, Kawasaki Tyrex, or, my favorite, the Yamaha Wolverine!

I know, I know, you asked about the Wildcat and I've nothing to say about it! :sneaky:
Sorry to bring up an old thread but I just saw this one. I have a wildcat and love it. I previously owned a rzr and when the wildcat xx came out I bought one before the release date after seeing the capabilities of it. I am not mad about my decision. Other than the axle problem that can be fixed if you adjust them correctly, I have not had any issues with the xx. In fact I raced my xx in the Snore rage at the river race in December in Laughlin and got 3 place in the non turbo class. This was my first race as a driver (previously co drove with friends) and the car held up well. I beat on it and never felt like it wasn't built tough. I did not do anything other than safety and wheel/tire modifications and only had the axle issue which like I said is fixable with proper adjustment. They are now back to the Arctic cat brand and much cheaper than last year when they came out.
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