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Suppressor for Ruger Mark IV 22


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I have a Tactical Innovations TAC 65 and it works fine. SilencerCo, Gem-Tech, Ruger, Sig are all excellent brands as well as most others. I would recommend checking them out at a local store or online. Lock N Load has quite a few 22 cans. Its up to you if you go mono core (one piece innards) or a baffle system. I'm not sure which is quieter.
As far as usage on the rifle and pistol most if not all cans work on both. I use mine on a Browning Buckmark as well as a Ruger 10-22.


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I've a Gemtech Outback IID, and it's okay, but I really like my AAC Halcyon.
I have two Tactical Machining supressors I paid less for them than just one of my other 22 cans. It is hard to beat their $129 price tag. They work as well as cans I have spent 3x more for certainly better than my YHM silencer I have. Good quality and easy to clean when it needs cleaning. It has a light weight aluminum tube. The bottom can below is a TM.

If you don't want to wait a year to get your form 4 approved you can just make a F-1 silencer at home and get your stamp approved in a month or maybe even less. My last F-1 was approved in 2 weeks. The upper DM silencer is my home made F-1. I have a friend with a lathe so it only took an hour or two to make it. You could make that can with a drill press or even a hand drill too. Another option is get your F1 approved. Then get something like a DM kit ($240) below then send it to a SOT and have them "recore" it for you and you will have a ready to shoot can in a month or two... I have five 22 cans and the best ones I built myself.

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Can anyone recommend a good suppressor for my Ruger ? Would like to use on my Ruger pistol and rifle.
Where do you live? If anyone wants to try a few out maybe some of us can get together and have Quiet shoot. ( I am in Sparks) I am always interested in seeing how mine might compare to others. In some cases I was happy and in others not so happy but, it is a good way to find out.