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Searles 6.6 Earthquake


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Just heard back from three friends and an Uncle who live in RC. Uncle had some items fall over including a TV. His house is so full of junk I am surprised there was room for anything to fall over.
One friend was in his garage reloading and couldn't walk very well as he tried to get away from all the sharp things that could fall on him, few items fell over nothing major.
His son was out of town and just got back, no update on any damage from him. His house is closest to epicenter.
Third friend had some major items fall over and break. Water line at a tub cracked. He house is a mess.


Geth Prime
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Had three people call me right after 'How about that quake?", "Did you feel the quake?", etc. Nope. I was tinkering at my work bench getting irritated with something and did not feel the earth move :) Neither of my boys felt it. Or my wife. Weirdness.


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I felt it in Henderson by St. Rose Hospital. Brings back memories of growing up in kalifornia! Felt like a slide or shimmy motion.