WTS S&W 686 6" Stainless SOLD

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The recall involved changing the hammer nose and the bolster bushing ( hammer nose bushing ) in the frame. With certain ammo the hammer nose would stick in the bushing. After the repair the revolvers were test fired and the M was stamped in the yoke.

This was not a required recall. In other words, S&W did not try to get all the guns returned for repair. The problem did not show up on all guns produced and S&W only handled the repairs on a case by case basis. Many folks have fired thousands of rounds through these guns with no problems.

Master Blaster, Apr 26, 2018
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Uh, it WAS a small batch of fp bushings that were out of spec. It was NOT a general problem of the whole line. If you aren't familiar with this recall, you can call S&W and ask about it. You WILL need to find someone who has specific knowledge of it, like Kate F., to get the whole story. Since it was impossible to know which guns had the out-of-spec part, a general recall was issued for the whole engineering series. This is how recalls work when the individually affected units, no matter how few, can't be identified.

If the bushing is out of spec, it will become apparent when there is an indexing issue with magnum loads. I believe they said it was less than 1% of the recalled guns that were actually affected.
Oro, Jun 23, 2009


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That’s a great revolver, I had one just like it, stolen. I replaced it a couple of years ago, the new ones are not nearly as nice. My new one is a 7 shooter, but lacks the quality of the older ones like yours. Good luck with the sale!