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Post your offroad vehicle


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Cherokee's are bringing top dollar nowadays for a clean factoryish one. They say clean YJ's will be the next to go up in price. I recently sold my old 89 YJ for $6k.
That makes sense based on the prices I saw on craigslist. I should have bought one before they stopped making them, could have gotten employee pricing. That inline six runs forever.


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I need to put a few more dirt miles on her, but she's got great road manners; much better than you'd expect with those tires.

Pic taken last month north of Daytona Beach on my way to the distillery in St. Augustine.

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My parents live in St. Augustine. It's a great little town with good rides down the coast line! Distillery is usually my first stop when I fly in there!


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Would love to pick up a Cherokee XJ, any good places in Vegas to find one other than classifieds?
I would check and join some Jeep groups on facebook or online jeep forums. They tend to post better deals than they would on the craigslist, fb marketplace, etc. I do see these Cherokees going for 4-5k range now. I remember when I was originally looking for an off-road project, I was looking at 4runners, but the Jeep Cherokees were just so darn cheap 5 years ago. I picked mine up for $1500...
Up in the Delamar area. Only heard one Yote all night. Darn quiet. Good all night shakedown on the new truck though. Love it way more verse the 2013 F150 FX4 that I traded in for it.



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The picture in post #1,054 was taken at Fisherman's Cove in the same area as Gold Butte National Monument.
used to be fantastic duck hunting there, not so much now.
We narrowly missed a certain-death flash flood while camping, was going against 2 1/2 feet of water til we made the right onto the main dirt, sat and watched it rampage 8-10ft or higher shortly thereafter...wiped the wash clean.
Obama wrecked that place, anyway.