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Post your offroad vehicle

The wife and I just bought a new thing. We alllllllmost went over to the dark side with a 4Runner, but afgter she hopped in the Rubicon she was sold on it. After running the numbers on what I'd "have to" do to a 4runner, the price gap closed pretty quickly, that coupled with the way she felt in the jeep made it a no brainer. Done and done!


His and Hers daily drivers:

2011 Tahoe. This only has two front seats. It has a rack platform from the back of the front seats to the back hatch with a full size bed.


20190426_194612.jpg The platform has storage under it and the two ends lift up for easy access.

Tahoe.jpg This has a 5 inch memory foam mattress and plenty of room for storage.

rifle rack.jpg You can store all sorts of things under the rack that can not be seem by looking into the windows.

Refrigerator.jpeg This is a 12/120 volt refrigerator with a battery protection circuit. Adjustable from -4 to 60 degrees. It is amazing how convenient having this in here can be. It goes from off to 30 degrees in 20 min.

This is how it works for camping lots of shade Cooking in the back. The mattress is folded in half here for better access during the day to things under the rack up front.
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