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NV Shooters 10th Anniversary Commemorative Lower SALE!


Vegas' Favorite Gun Store
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The last batch at anodizing will be back in approx 2-3 weeks. These are the SN's that are there getting finished:

NVS10-V3GA5NVS10-RD12NVS10-931312NVS10-0002NVS10-1DAANVS10-0001NVS10-ARM106NVS10-308762NVS10-198505NVS10-NEGSORNVS10-OA17NVS10-101864NVS10-0001, NVS10-0002NVS10-101316NVS10-P00TY

Anything before this should be at the store already, you can call or e-mail to confirm.
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Vegas' Favorite Gun Store
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Just wanted to say thanks NFA for the deal. Love my new AR9. Had been wanting to build something using these triangular carbine handguards. Finally found an excuse!

Pretty cool Kyle! Definitely different than what we're used to seeing. Very creative!
Pretty cool Kyle! Definitely different than what we're used to seeing. Very creative!
Bored with the McAR cookie cutter life these days. "Did you want Keymod or MLok with that?" Everything the same. Not complaining about it, just bored with it. Thought Id do something fun. Need to find a deal on an SP1 slick side upper to get it the way I want, but this will do for now.

Go make a side charging LRBHO SP1 slick side upper for me! Bet you would sell at least 2 of them for the hundreds of hours of R&D it would cost! Hah!


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Ordered an upper today. Can't wait to get my put together.


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I finally shot my two ARs that I put together. I shot them dry with steel case ammo, but will take them out shooting again in a few more weeks properly lubed up.
ar shoot.jpg

One was made with a cheap $40 lower receiver. The other was made around the New Frontier commemorative lower receiver. I had multiple failure to loads with the cheapy. The New Frontier was FLAWLESS! I love that thing. I would use it for home defence if I had to. It is that good!

I can't thank New Frontier enough for the awesome deal!
New Frontier has always been and continues to be a great place to deal with. When I built my AR pistol, they were very knowledgeable, friendly and helped me build the best PCC I've ever seen (in my own opinion). If I remember his name correctly Shawn (McLovin) went out of his way to build it. This thing is SHARP and incredibly accurate!! A joy to shoot!!