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New range report. So impressed

I brought a friend of mine to the range to get more trigger time and also different handguns to get her ready for her next purchase. I brought my G22/31, Freshly built G31 w/Holoson 407c and a friend's Canik TP9SF elite S. I took this time to do some sighting in with the green dot.
I loaded up the Canik first and shot 2 mags out of it. This pistol is rock solid...... Not only did it feel good shooting it has a very nice balance to it, the ONLY thing I do not like about it is the sight height(similar to sig and the Springfield XD) just my issue..... The trigger is very sweet..
The G22 has been completely overhauled with all Glock internals and she shoots amazing with both 40 and 357sig barrels No complaints whatsoever.
The G31 was the first actual build I have done for myself. Brand new Fullsize Glock lower, factory Glock internals with the exception of the locking block and this is where I can feel the difference, I purchased the locking block from LoneWolf. It really makes the G31 feel more solid while shooting and for 34.00 it's a great investment I believe. Since Ronnie at Loadedchamber did my slide work on both models I cannot say enough about his abilities TOP NOTCH!
G31 and the Holoson are a great match.... The green dot is ridiculously noticeable upon backup shots it had me shooting like I was in my 20s again...
So, here we are back from the range to clean all 3.