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New BS Jan 2 law


Adjusting to the west!
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Well it does effect criminals. Let’s face it, us gun folk are all (future) criminals.

They’ll make enough laws to get all of us. Read my SIG line, below. Ayn explains it all.

The law is working as intended: Costing time and money, creating delays and frustration. You think they actually wrote this to impact criminals? Look around, friend. Opposite day is everyday in Amerika now.


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Hard to get into the background system when the gov shuts it down. But I mean it has to be a great place to work, you get tire of working "Sorry the system is down"...
Ive literally already got 3 of the exact same pistol i just bought, it just looked good to buy at the time but with the extra background, transfer fee and wait its not worth it to do anymore. Ill guess ill buy out of state from now on.


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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Backdate the bill of sale to December 31st, no background needed... I kid, I kid... 😉
If you're gonna pretend it happened before the law, then don't bother with the BS anyway. It was useless anyway, and not required, so no need to forge anything now. Just live like the free men we increasingly relatively used to be.