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Looking for a good Las Vegas Gunsmith


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Looking for a good Las Vegas gunsmith to reduce the trigger pull on my Keltec PLR16 pistol as the current pull is over 7 1/2 pounds. Would also like to know what gunsmiths to stay far far away from. Would appreciate any and all recommendations.


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You could try both New Frontier and Wild West Guns. I's call them and ask there opinion.

New frontier worked on my AR's a couple of times, and WWG did my trigger jobs in a Marlin and SW.


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I've used Ronnie at Loaded Chamber as well. Great work in a timely manner.

That said, you may also inquire with Bill at https://triggerwork.net/ about doing the trigger in your PLR. It's a mail order service. I know he does other Keltec models. He's done all the triggers in my AR's and they are fantastic IMO.