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Hopkins and Allen Model 712 parts

I am looking for parts for a Hopkins and Allen Model 712 12 gauge single shot shotguns that I am restoring for a neighbor. I need a screw-in type trigger guard and screw. A butt plate and screws. A joint pin. A top level. And 2 wrist screws. Can anybody help me out?


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Hopkins and Allen went out of business in 1916 as I recall, and right up until the end, these shotguns were offered with Damascus barrels as well as fluid steel barrels. So the barrel should be checked to see which it is, and if the desire to fire it after restoration is present, then the length of the chamber should be checked also. Remember, shotgun chamber lengths are based on the length of the open/ FIRED shell, not the length of an unfired shell. So a modern 2-3/4" shell might drop right in if used as a gauge (and that is NOT the proper way to measure a shotgun's chamber) and yet still be too long for the chamber when fired, resulting in a high pressure situation that would very possibly see that gun come apart in the hands of the shooter.

If it is missing all those parts, it likely has not been well cared for, and after completing the restoration should be checked by a competent gunsmith to ensure it is safe to fire, if that is the desire of the owner, to fire it I mean.

If it has a Damascus barrel, I would strongly recommend not firing it even with black powder loads, the results would likely be detrimental to the gun and the shooter.

By the way, the cost of the parts it requires to restore it exceeds it's value if it were not needing restoration, and if it were in 100% new in the box unfired condition, would only be worth about $50-$100 more than the cost of the parts you are looking for. Just FYI, in case the neighbor thinks they have something rare and valuable, that will be more so once restored, that is not the case with these shotguns.