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WTB Home Gym, Strength Training equipment

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Las Vegas
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Wife and me caught a bug at the gym, which turned out to not be covid. But now she doesn't want me going back to the gym and risking it for the time being, so I'm looking for home gym equipment. Just my luck, looks like there's another industry making out just like the firearms industry, inflated prices across the board, and even worst, no stock. After 2 weeks of scouring classifieds, and manufacturer websites, I've managed to obtain an adjustable bench and a dumbell rack. Lots of people asking higher than new prices on used equipment, and aren't budging.

Looking for dumbells (40lb+), barbells, plates, possibly a squat rack.


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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Work on air conditioners for a living. You'll never need the gym. Or a sauna.


Geth Prime
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Check out a used Bowflex Extreme 2 or Extreme 2SE (not a 1st gen Extreme, or Extreme SE). The "Extreme2" models are fine for keeping in shape and maintenance work while you cannot get to the gym, and you don't have to deal with the nuisance cable changes of the older models. You can pick up one used for less than 20% of new.

Usually craigslist is lousy with the things, but looks like just one out there right now. $200



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Keep checking Amazon. I wanted some kettle bells so I kept looking daily in July ...and bam! They were available for msrp one day...gone the next. 35, 45, 55...The UPS guy hates me. Good luck