Go-To place in the valley for powders?


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Hey fellas,

Just wondering where everyone gets their powders here locally? I’ve bought some before at Bass Pro, but am looking for some specific powders that they don’t seem to stock anymore. What’s a good place that has smokeless powder in stock here in Vegas? I thought about just ordering the ones I’m looking for from Midway, etc, but would rather support locally if and whenever possible.

Thanks in advance!


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Sportsman's Warehouse usually has what I need. Wally World up in the Northwest every now and then has 1lb bottles of Varget, IMR4064 and IMR4895, all awesome powders for my .308.


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Thanks again fellas for all of the great replies! I stopped by Accuracy Gun shop yesterday for a couple of pounds and a case of large pistol CCI’s, they had everything I was looking for! (y)(y)