Do you agree with this list of worst car brands to best?

Couldn't sit through the entire thing, so skipped to the end.....

and I DO agree with his top choice, Toyota (which includes Lexus IMO), and Honda as #2.

He ranked Ford #3.

Have owned a few Fords and there is one in my garage now. They make some really fun performance cars, but have to say I question the #3 ranking, as my personal experience has been lots of time at the dealer for warranty work......


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Driving a 96 Accord and a 2002 4Runner. Their reliability has been impeccable. Looks like they will outlast me.


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I don't want to sit through the video.
You can't go wrong with Honda, Toyota, Subaru and Nissan brands.
I have 2 Fords in the garage. If they were not under factory warranty, I wouldn't! 🖒
I think it depends are how well you take care of your vehicle. While not an outstanding truck, my precision size 2001 Chevy S-10 with 136000+ mi. on it is in great condition. I don't have a garage to put it in, but the paint and coating makes it look almost pristine. I immediately replace parts as they wear out, as things tend to do. It's not the vehicle, but the driver!


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I am a big Scotty Kilmer fan. The only cars that I will buy are Honda or Toyota, since about 20 years ago. As Scotty said in another video, Honda has the better engine, Toyota has the better transmission. Any other cars are a distant 3rd from these two and only look good when compared to the garbage at the bottom of the heap. There are many cars that he did not mention, of course, which are terrible, such as Volkswagen and Cooper MINI. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat and Mitsubishi are very near the bottom with Jaguar and Land Rover, at the bottom.

All Honda's and Toyota's are not created equally. I love the size and styling of the Rav 4 but the engine is buzzy and annoying. They always have been. Sitting at a stop-light, the dash and steering wheel vibrate. The Honda Odyssey has transmission problems.

If I were buying a car today, it would probably be an Acura RDX or a Honda Passport. However, things are going electric. Every manufacturer is starting to make an electric or they must at least be considering it, so in 2022, who knows? Hyundai already has several models and BMW has one. I haven't kept up with the news but I think that Porsche and Mercedes either have one or it is in the works. I heard that VW is going all electric but that may be bad info. Tesla intrigues me but touch screen controls do not work well for everything. Honda learned this with the Pilot. They went back to a real knob for volume control of the sound system.

The future will be interesting and it will change this whole conversation two years from now.
I have a 2014 Chevy Volt. Because I work 12 miles from home and I stop at stores on the way home, I'm getting around 200 MPG.

I wish I could afford a 2016 2nd Volt, 52 miles per charge and 42 MPG on the gas engine alone.
My electric bill has increased between $15-$22 a month as far as I can figure.


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I don't know nuttin' about car brands. All I know is how to drive a car, and when something stops workin' to fix it if I can or get someone else to fix it for me, or to junk it.

My Mercury Mystique died a mysterious death when I wasn't mature enough to understand anything about how cars worked. Just a mysterious black box to me at that time, so I withold judgement.
My 2003 Ford Focus was a good car 'till I wrecked it.
My 2007 Ford Focus is still a good car with 243,500 miles on the clock. Most of them are hard taxi-like city miles. I replaced the secondary air intake and motor mounts, and probably the battery a couple of times. It eats blinker bulbs for breakfast, but otherwise seems great. Handles snow better than any car I've had except maybe my 2003 Focus.
My Mom's 2013 Ford Focus is a POS with BS traction control software, a questionable transmission, and electrical issues in the doors and trunk.
I've not known of substantial problems with my Dad's first Mitsubishi Truck, nor his later Dodge Dakota, nor his current 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD. The Tacoma is fantastic off road.
My 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander seems fine other than the interior plastic paneling falling apart really easily, and who needs plastic bits covering the bolt heads anyway? 115,000 miles on the clock right now. Seems like a good car to cram 7 people into or a lot of cargo, and still get decent gas mileage.
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