Davidson’s name change?


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The legal system doesn't make it easy for a person to find justice and fairness. Your situation is all kinds of F'ed up. This situation needs a grass roots movement to find the money to challenge all the way to the highest court if necessary. Make a stand here rather than further down the road to stop what you described from happening.


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I’ve appealed everything all the way to the highest NV court the next one is a US district court... which my attorney thinks we would win. But to do that would require me to pay the money owed, plus a bond to request the appeal. It’s more money than I have to put into this thing at this time.
Sounds like something for the NRA, if they wanted to do that sort of thing in NV.

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I had contacted the NRA in the beginning of all of this, their response was to offer help, then when it came time to do something they said they were working on things a different way and couldn’t help.

That day I lost faith in the NRA, even as a life member, I thought that there was no way that they would let not only a life member but a shop owner face the BS of the left but to my dismay I ended up fighting the battle on my own. I lost everything fighting the battle even though I thought we had it in the bag with everything that we had.

The state used various different laws that prohibited us from introducing evidence from other “tax payers” (shops) to be used to prove that we were not the only shop that hadn’t collected taxes on transfers prior to the 2015 bulletin. There are NV laws that probhit other tax payers info from being used in any hearing that involved state of NV. That is why if we had the money to appeal to a district court that would not include NV judges our attorney is sure we would win.

At this point I have lost everything I had when starting the business and instead of owning the shop I work in I’m working for someone else and eventually I’ll get back, but for now I move forward.

I just want to thank all that have bought from us, all that have trusted us with their purchases, and I will be back it will just take time. Until that time I will make sure to take care of everyone where I am, Nevada Firearms and Training.

Plus with the new company, the owners want to move to high end guns and NFA items. We have transferable machine guns, suppressors, SBR’s, AOW’s and more. With the new Training system they just got it will be a game changer for Vegas shooting practice.