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Colt Info and Worth

Any info and worth on this Colt Match Target Lightweight would be great. I'm not a Colt guy, so... It is a complete lower with buffer tube and has the "post-ban" block installed. Factory installation I believe? It has never been fired. Thanks in advance!
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I've picked up Colt AR lowers on Armslist etc for $200-$400 for complete Ban era lowers. These lowers cannot be used with an AR BCG nor an M-16 BCG due to that block. It can only work with the Colt open bottom BCG so not many people like them for builds. Also they came with A2 stocks. There are a lot for sale, gunbroker, armslist, etc where people ask for a lot of $$$ but they never sell. I've made offers for them depending on condition and like I said have been able to purchase them quite reasonably. I've got 3 20" Colt Match Target uppers in my safe right now waiting for a reasonably priced matching era lower, none are the "lightweight" uppers but the lowers don't care which upper goes on it.
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soundguy1. Thank you for the info! Colt always fetchs a premium by name alone. Lol
Colt USED TO fetch premiums before pretty much every other AR rifle manufacturer decided to make rifles the right way. Colt used to be the standard. Pre-ban Colt's are still mildly collectible. Now that Colt has pissed off shooters by discontinuing civilian AR sales the resale value will probably drop except for pristine examples.

A pre-ban Colt lower will normally sell for 50-100% more than post-ban Colt lowers since they can use AR/M16 BCG's.

For less than a new Colt you can buy a new Windham 20" Gov't Rifle made the right way, like Colt used to. And the Windham carries a LIFETIME transferable warranty.