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Anyone have access to a good parts/assembly diagram for a Savage 77B shotgun?


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I have an old Savage 77B pump 12 gauge shotgun that I picked up last year, and it is in a sad state of disrepair. After finally getting a chance to get it disassembled last month, I discovered a couple of broken springs and some loose parts. Does anyone here have access to a good diagram that shows how it all goes together? I have a 77F that I disassembled for a full cleaning and inspection some ten years ago, but that was a fully functioning firearm with everything in good working order that just needed a good clean and lube, and I don't specifically remember how the springs and such went together. This 77B is just a mess. I could disassemble the 77F for reference, but I'd rather leave well enough alone and just deal with this one.

I'll post some pictures of it later today after I dig it back out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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I can e-mail you pictures and how to tear it down / reassemble it instructions if you want. Its gonna be about 12 pages worth, would take me a few minutes to scan it for ya.

That's a version of the Savage Model 30, was pretty much identical to about 20 other shotguns made by Savage / Stevens and marketed by Savage, Stevens, Springfield and Sears as the models 30, (with a bunch of Alpha character submodels) 67, 77, 79 and 40N (Sears), between 1958 and 1989.

Or order yourself a copy of the Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly / Dissassembly Part V, Shotguns, Second Edition, by J.B. Wood, it's in there.

Or I can take pictures of the pages and text them to ya, yer cherce!