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Any decent deals on .22LR in Las Vegas area?

I'm conserving my rifle and pistol ammo until the ammo shortages are over, and just going to plink until then. My order for 2000 rounds of .22LR from Brownell's was cancelled, and now I see the good online deals are much scarcer. Does anyone locally have good deals on .22LR, or is it as scarce as other calibers?


I have not seen any locally in months , last case I got from Target Sports was ordered March 6th , shipped April 3rd.....havent seen them have case lots in stock much since then.
I've seen buckets 22lr on armslist a couple of times. I was also able to snag a box of 525 Remington at Bass Pro like a week ago. Today I was able to snag 100rds of Winchester 9mm at Bass Pro for 30 bucks today too.

Good luck finding 223. Ive been collecting brass :) and keeping an eye out for primers and bullets
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What time did you go to bass pro for the ammo Dentaldart?
I go at random times. Today I was there around 1pm. When I was in the empty .223 and 9mm section a worker came up with 6 boxes of this, I was able to snag 2 and another guy snagged 4.... should of taken more but oh well, I can get 9mm pretty easily.

Last week when I got the 22lr it was on a Saturday mid day again, but same thing I saw it grabbed it and a guy grabbed the other box right after.



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check Big 5’’s. They get .22 ammo in regularly. I was also able to get bulk .22 lr from Midway with free shipping.


Target Sports has Eley Action 22LR for $50 for 300 rounds or 16 cents a round ( so $80 for 500 ).

There is nothing out there right now , stumbling on some in a local store is your best bet.

Gouging is Cheaper Than Dirt , 50 rounds of Aquila Standard Velocity - $19.89 for 50 rounds. 39.7 cents per round !!

Now I bought a case of this late Feb from Target Sports , $220 delivered for 5000 rounds. 4 1/2 cents a round.