Ammo Count, 81 years worth

I did an ammo inventory and came up with enough .22LR to shoot a rabbit every day for the next 81 years.

Talking to a friend who said "that's ridiculous", I explained that I go to the range to shoot .22's about 10 times a year. Each trip I shoot about 300-500 rounds. Which is 3000-5000 rounds a year and makes my current ammo inventory last about 5-7 years. I'm going to be 55 and plan on living a while longer so I told my friend I need to buy about double what I currently have to not worrying about running out if there is another ammo "shortage" like we had when O'Bummer was President or if we ever get a Demoncrat in the White House. Thankfully I can buy all the .22LR I think I need at a reasonable price now so I'll be stocking up.

If any of you are wondering about .22LR shelf life I have several open bricks from the late 70's and 80's that shoot just as well (or better since it is all 40gr) as the newer 36gr .22LR I have been taking to the range the past few years.

See you at the range!


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A few months ago, an online seller was selling Fiocchi 9mm for 149.00 a thousand rounds. I hit the cart button and changed my mind. The next day I thought about it and decided to buy it, I went to the ad to cart, paid for it and realized I had two cases instead of one. Oh well, a week later I had two thousand rounds. I have a lot of 9mm guns, so it's all good.


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I've got somewhere between 30 and 35,000 rounds of .22LR. I don't shoot .22s much, but I've got 9 grand-kids...... Oh, I shoot .22s now and then, but it's mostly for the kids! I still buy .22s anytime I see what looks like a good price...
22s are the best. Cheap and fun.. Post pics of your fungun
Ruger K77/22 with a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14AOx40. 24" heavy target barrel, awesome shooter! I've had this one for 25+ years. Also have a Ruger 10-22/22 which has a factory stock 22" stainless barrel, also an excellent shooter with a nice Leupold on that as well.
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I lost count of my inventory of .22lr ammo long ago. I am pretty sure I will not have a shortage of .22lr ammo for the next ammo shortage.

I had to take a trip up to bullhead city taking my son to the dentist for a wisdom tooth, ( don't ask, I live in Havasu and it seems you have to go to kingman or bullhead for medical, dental or vet care as Havasu sucks for any of those ) I drove around and stopped in a couple gun stores and pawn shops, one place had all kinds of bulk ammo... .22 TCM in bulk lol never thought I would see that, as well as boxes and boxes of 5k rounds of .22.. and the usual bulk 9mm 7.62 both nato and russian, .223/5.56 etc.. was not prepared to do any shopping but he goes back in 3 weeks for more work, I am putting money aside and paying off a credit card just for the occasion....