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6.8 SPC

Started a new build and came across parts for a 6.8 spc for a great price. Building it in the AR platform. Just looking for thoughts and opinions on the caliber . The plan if for it to be a varmint/mule deer rifle.


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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I almost did one, but circumstances prevailed against it, and I never did. It should be a very useful and versatile cartridge for medium-range medium game. Ammo stays available, and the bullets are very common for reloading. IIRC, it's like 2/3 of the energy of the .308 with about half the recoil.
Had the same debate and if building your own, I went with 6.5 grendel. Super cheap ammo and parts, but to admit, maybe not very long term feasible without stockpiling. Seems to have lost out on the longer range hype options as of late, especially creedmore and 224. Wouldn't count on grendel to be long term teotwawki caliber, but all things considered, for everything but that, it's pretty good.