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$450 off RöK Pistol Presale for NV Shooters Only!

Valkyrie Combat

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Our new RöK Pistol presale launched last week and was available at $450 off... Retail price is 1495.00 and sale price is $1046.00

We are offering the sale price to Nevada Shooters users using the discount code: NVSHOOTERS

Head to ValkyrieCombat.com for more information about the pistol and use the code in checkout.

This code expires at end of day on 9/30

About the pistol:

Compact, reliable, and packed with features. The RöK 5.56 pistol with folding adapter is ready for anything you throw at it. This conveniently sized blaster fits perfectly in a small bag for transport or EDC. We especially like how well it fits in the DDT VENOM ASSAULT PACK…. so we decided to include one with every RöK! This package also comes with everything pictured, including the optic, mag and handstop/AFG. The RöK is chambered in the new hybrid .223 Wylde, which bridges the gap between 5.56 and .223 by allowing you to shoot both calibers without the loss in performance typical in standard 5.56 barrels.

Are you ready to RöK?

With an overall length of just 18″ when folded, and 25″ unfolded, the RöK can be easily stored in the VENOM ASSAULT PACK. This 48HR 1000 Denier Nylon pack is versatile and expandable, so it can hold everything you need….. including your handgun using the built in universal hook-loop holster. It also has a polyurethane water-resistant lining, and a dedicated bladder compartment capable of holding up to 2.5 liters. This fully loaded bag is made by DDT, a las Vegas based veteran owned and operated company.


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