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WTS 38 special ammo various and 357 magnum

Location (City)
North Las Vegas
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Im selling some lots of 38 special ammo. All is factory new ammo with the exception of one box is remanufactured.

2 250 rounds of previ partisan lrn158 grain brass cased
150$ each

100 round box of winchester white boxed 130 grain fmj brass cased, 50 round box 158 grain semi wadcutter brass, 90$

20 round box of sig v crown 125 grain plus p, and 50 rounds of winchester super x 110 grain silver tip hollow point ammo. 55$





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Rating - 100%
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Adding one single 50 round box of 357 magnum armscor 158 grain. Found this lonely box and would like it gone 30$. Will add photo later today and broke up the 500 round lot in halves.

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