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1000 yard range either public or club to join around Vegas area


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I've looked through the "public shooting areas post" and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information with to regard long range shooting on public land? Specifically where? And I've expended Google looking for a private 1000 yard to join but it appears that all the ones in the Vegas area are not excepting new applicants?? Any information is appreciated.


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Looks as if Desert Sportsmans goes out to 870 yards on range 9 and the homepage says they are accepting new members. Little short of your 1K but maybe close enough for government work. I'm a member, it's a nice place. Much different than the old days, but a nice place nonetheless.
Maybe with the new scope I can find it my old one was too blurry. I've found it a few times before. I didn't know if it was supposed to be a secret or not.
There's a place off highway 93 about 10-15mins north of the truck stop that is really nice to shoot and not all screwed up like everything else here. Very clean. Wide open, multiple places to shoot 600-2000+ yards. What size tires are you running on your truck? Access is somewhat difficult. I'm on 40s so I get in no problem but anything under 33s I'd be a little nervous. Let me know because I don't want to send you somewhere to get stuck


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Truck is all factory...2017 Ford F250, so not for high clearance offloading. How far in could I drive? A short ruck wouldn't be too bad.
Truck is all factory...2017 Ford F250, so not for high clearance offloading. How far in could I drive? A short ruck wouldn't be too bad.
You can get right to the entrance and that's about it. The problem is all the entrances are washed out with moon dust and your diff is just going to drag and I don't want you getting stuck in those 2 foot ruts. It's not a bad hike, maybe .25-.5 miles. I'll PM you the GPS in a few
If you have access to a Ellis AFB. The Nellis Rod and Gun Club has a nice range with steel out to 1,000 yards.


Wow had no idea they had a range - it sounds really nice.

Do you have to be active duty or retired (with a DOD ID card) to access the range?

I know I'm just being hopeful, lol, that "civilians" can use the range.

I did over a decade active duty but got out before retirement.


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BRPC has a silhouette range that goes to (now) 1000 yards. Used to be 960Y but according to the event calendar a new 1000Y target was installed last week. I should have looked for the new target while I was up on the member range last Saturday, but forgot to look.

EDIT: I don't think we are accepting new members at this time, however. Sorry.