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10/22 to charger conversion?.....


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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That said, has ANY one been prosecuted or hassled as long as it wasn't an SBR?

If I had a 10/22 and wanted a Charger, I'd just do it. Hell, I'd probably even post some pics and show it off. Seriously.


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I built this one up a couple of years ago from a BNIB model 04917 Charger with a brown laminated wooden stock, did several upgrades and in the safe it went.
Still haven't shot it. Only 30 inches OAL with brace fully extended and the brake so basically an SBR without needing a stamp.
If I shortened up the brace all the way forward and lost the Brake, it's about 25.5 inches OAL. NO worries, cause it's always been a pistol.

Ruger Charger Build.jpg
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