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What happened to Gun Garage?


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“Kelly D. Carn, known as "Machine Gun Kelly," faces charges of unlawfully receiving or possessing machine guns and forging gun registration applications submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

Looks like he took a plea deal on everything and faded away. Probably living out in Slab City these days.
Slab City? What fun!

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I new he got busted but it’s like he faded away quietly and nothing from his kids. I thought his kids would have done something in guns. But nothing
His kids were just a little freaky to me, and I don’t think it was just me. They all had these blank stares, like they were zombies or something. I used to think Children of The Corn. I know 2 people who got burned in his full auto scam.


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had a buddy lose some $$ after the whole shady deal at Kelly’s. Never liked the store when it was open. Kids seem liked they hated my presence there. I went once and never went back