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The BOG "Death Grip" Rifle Clamp Tripod. Short review


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Saw someone use this "rifle clamp" tripod on YouTube while reviewing a rifle. I was impressed enough to order one and try it out.
First thing I noticed out of the box was the the overall quality and finish. Much better than I expected for $139! The second thing I noticed was the weight....a hefty 9lbs! Some specs:
4" wide clamp on top tha locks the rifle in place. Grooved rubber pads prevent any movement.
Tilt and rotate with ball head
59" max height. Legs have 2 extendable sections.
Legs have 3 tilt positions for standing, sitting and prone.
Well designed and built like a tank. A minute amount of vertical movement that makes it not suitable for competition. Not as solid as benchrest, but more than adequate for banging steel plates. I actually liked shooting from the standing position which allowed me to better align behind the gun. Less neck stress. Non shooting hand can use the hard foam grip on one of the legs for added stability.
Fine for hunting if you are in a stationary location. Too heavy for tracking long distances on foot. The only real CON is the lack of a center post to make fine adjustments to elevation.
Great tripod for the money with some very usable features. Definitely something I will use in the desert instead of hauling a folding table.