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Anyone attend an Apple Seed Event?


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Saw an upcoming Apple Seed event coming to DSRPC and my boy and I plan on attending, wondering if anyone has attended one before and what did you think of it? Looking bring 10/22s with optics for both of us.

Thanks for the input.


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I think they’re great and your son will get a nice history lesson as well. The one that I attended was a while back and the majority of people were shooting 10/22’s with Tech sights IIRC. The reduced paper targets are a blast to shoot and you will get plenty of chances to qualify as a “Rifleman.” I used a bolt action Anschutz and barely qualified. . . It’s pretty challenging. I highly recommend attending one.

Bring plenty of ammo, water and snacks. Make sure your rifles are zeroed and everything is torqued down. The last thing you want to do is have mechanical issues or malfunctions while you’re there.
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I did one. Assuming it's Dan, he does a fantastic job, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are using an optic, make sure it focuses at 25 yards. I used a basic hunting scope on a 22 bolt-action, and fought a slightly blurry target all day. But I did manage to earn my Rifleman badge. I will definitely do it again whenever I can. A semi-auto is a bit of an advantage under the bit of time pressure. One of the most useful things of the class is learning to use a shooting sling. If you don't have one, get one.